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She said the hardest part of jousting was lowering the heavy lance into position while cantering, and she was surprised by how little sense of the environment around her she had while wearing armour and riding the horse.
A petition has been launched by English Heritage, whose jousting expert said the medieval pursuit was a "worldwide phenomenon".
Nicky, who has triumphed in jousting championships throughout Europe, is excited to be competing at Kenilworth.
With full contact jousting and the Mounted Skill at Arms display, the 19th-century mansion and gardens have resounded to the clash of 21st-century steel.
Take a step back into medieval England to watch King Arthur's knights do battle in thrilling jousting tournaments, wowing visitors with their horsemanship, swordsmanship and jousting prowess.
In any case, as I slowly achieve a golden succulence, I am more impressed with each passing minute at this whole jousting thing, which I mocked in print a few months ago when another jousting show, Knights of Mayhem, turned up on the National Geographic Channel.
He was a bookseller at Tower Books in Nashville in 1995 when the centuries-old combat-inspired sport of jousting found him.
Washington, Feb 6 ( ANI ): Jousting, a sport from 9 centuries ago, is getting a modern day makeover thanks to History Channel's new series "Full Metal Jousting".
The figure they have seen is Sir Philip of Argoed - a champion Medieval jousting champion and the alter ego of university tutor Philip.
Notable is the inclusion of three 15th- and 16th-century jousting manuals, presented in full in side-by-side English and Spanish translation.
A day packed full of medieval all-action adventure is promised, with the Knights of Royal England psyched up and raring to go, all set to wow audiences with their horseback stunts, knock-about humour and death-defying demonstrations of the noble art of jousting, played out against the beautiful backdrop of Cardiff Castle.