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To mark the 500th anniversary of this event, the local community will be staging a large-scale re-enactment of the historic tournament, complete with two days of spectacular jousting set against the backdrop of Carew Castle.
Indeed, in Medieval times the top jousting knights were as famous as the likes of David Beckham and Brazil's Ronaldinho are today, living a rock-star lifestyle and earning huge sums.
In the movie, Ledger plays William Thatcher, a low-born who decides to pose as a knight in order to enter jousting competitions to win money.
Thus, the crowd at a jousting match chant Queen's We Will Rock You, while a medieval waltz becomes a school hall dance free for all.
As well as the jousting there were a host of other historic activities on show, from a giant catapult demonstration, jesters telling stories, battle re-enactments, historic cooking displays, falconry shows and roaming minstrels.
Riding to the castle grounds until tomorrow, the brave jousting knights will leave guests spellbound with their equestrian prowess and splendid pageantry.
The knights, who put on jousting tournaments, actionpacked shows and displays, have inspired Noreen's paintings from a bygone age.
Celebrations included hunting, feasting, music, dancing, a ride to Lamphey Palace for mass by the Bishop of St Davids and, to top it all, a spectacular jousting tournament.
Apart from the cost of replacement lances, his authentic reproduction steel armour cost pounds 5,000 and he has to feed and keep four fully-trained jousting horses.
The Birmingham Post has teamed up with Blenheim Palace to offer the chance to play royalty for the day at a jousting tournament.
When most people think of jousting, they think of knights charging against one another for honour.