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I have heard how much fun it is to joust at Kenilworth and can't wait to be part of the action this year.
The winner of the joust would reap rewards and enjoy fame and fortune.
Cardiff Castlemanager Kevin Burt said: "We hope that events such as the joust, along with the opening of our new interpretation centre, will encourage people who may not have visited the castle recently to return and see the difference.
Unlike re-enactors who perform historical displays in public shows, Toby is not play-acting and does not have an alter ego when he jousts.
45) However, with the exception of Picotti, no one has seriously attempted a negative interpretation of the Stanze since the estimable Isidoro del Lungo put forward the fundamental objection in 1863 - the only one that really counts - that "a poem of love and of jousts after the death of the hero would have been a misconception, and in Politian a vice which he did not possess - ingratitude.
The castle's marketing manager Heidi Briggs said the joust had attracted international interest.
Youngsters attending the jousts are being encouraged to dress up in traditional medieval costumes or to wear attire fitting for a young damsel or prince, and to take part in the children's parades being held each day.
This put paid to jousting until, in the 20th century, some bright spark trying to rustle up business at a stately home decided to resurrect those glorious days of knightly slaughter and re-enact the jousts every bank holiday with actors in costumes and high-priced burger stalls.