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Maybe, though, it's just one of Infantino's jovial jests again.
All the c**p last year, I don't whinge about it, I'm jovial
Ahmadinejad, who admitted he just smiled and nodded his head during the meetings, was in an unusually jovial mood all week.
Southwest Airlines is known for its fun and jovial climate.
One of the more beautiful images is that of an oversize steed, composed of countless continuous ornate swirls in a style dating from eighteenth-century Britain, galloping past architectural details from a Venetian palace, above a Shakespearean quote from Gardner's journals and a reproduction of a photogravure of jovial Harvard men.
The witty writing and jovial paintings will bring pleasure to both children and their parents.
Perhaps one jovial lifestyle column could lighten the load and make a difference.
Though most knew one another professionally, the proceedings were noticeably free of jovial asides.
Plays discussed include Lyly's Endymion, Greene's Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay, Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream and The Tempest, Marston's The Malcontent, Middleton's Michaelmas Term, Jonson's Bartholomew Fair, Shirley's The Lady of Ple asure, and Brome's A Jovial Crew.
The Northern Lasse made his reputation as a dramatist and was the most popular of his plays, although the later play A Jovial Crew (1652) is considered to be his best work.