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There was the chairman himself, (the landlord of the house,) a coarse, rough, heavy built fellow, who, while the songs were proceeding, rolled his eyes hither and thither, and, seeming to give himself up to joviality, had an eye for everything that was done, and an ear for everything that was said--and sharp ones, too.
He appeared surprised at finding Newman, but his surprise was but a momentary shadow across the surface of an unwonted joviality. Newman had never seen the marquis so exhilarated; his pale, unlighted countenance had a sort of thin transfiguration.
But there was no time to moralise, for the joviality again became very brisk, and the decanter of port being nearly out, brother Ned pulled the bell, which was instantly answered by the apoplectic butler.
It was a little too early for the doctor, so I proposed a drink, and thereupon he developed a vein of joviality. As we sat over our vermouths he glorified the Company's business, and by-and-by I expressed casually my sur- prise at him not going out there.
On deck he had overborne my stubborn perplexity by dint of a forced though forceful joviality; in his cabin the gloves were off.
"Well, then," cried the other, relapsing in a moment into a bluff joviality, "we are all good friends again and there's an end of the matter."
It's to be hoped that the journalists whose responsibility it will be to hold him to account will not be seduced by his joviality - genuine or assumed.
Yousufi sahib specialised in sketching his characters like a miniature artist and his satirical imagination digs out the incongruous from the congruous to excite delight and joviality. Yet there is nothing irksome or superfluous in his writings and what one gets at the end is the artistic equivalent of a highly refined and stylised prose.
Medical specialists are of the view that just 12 minutes of walk in a green area increases joviality,vigor,attentiveness and self-confidence as compared with the same time spent in sitting.
Little wonder Lai cut a figure of joviality. After the opening day of the season his team are already three points closer to achieving what is the primary aim for the Chinese businessman - Premier League status.
A man of great integrity and wisdom he will be sorely missed for his advice, joviality and pragmatic view on life by his close friends, Son and wife Molly and his six Grandchildren, Sophie, Danny, Mark, Piers, Jamie and Kathleen.
Autumnal of course are the colors that Carating has invested in those works, the copper and bronze and gold that virtually summoned the sensation of one season closing in on one another, the ebbing of physical energy haplessly resisting the force of nature, and whilst in these works, Carating has often incorporated the sly flickering of passages of reds, oranges and blues, harmoniously injecting appearances of joviality and joy, what remains pervasive in mood and atmosphere is an elegiac loss of time and the rising tide of flooding memories.