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Dark and cheerless is the morn Unaccompanied by thee: Joyless is the day's return Till thy mercy's beams I see: Till thou inward light impart, Glad my eyes and warm my heart.
For hours nothing relieved the joyless monotony of things.
It was with a strange feeling of desolation, mingled with a strong sense of the novelty of my situation, and a joyless kind of curiosity concerning what was yet unknown, that I awoke the next morning; feeling like one whirled away by enchantment, and suddenly dropped from the clouds into a remote and unknown land, widely and completely isolated from all he had ever seen or known before; or like a thistle-seed borne on the wind to some strange nook of uncongenial soil, where it must lie long enough before it can take root and germinate, extracting nourishment from what appears so alien to its nature: if, indeed, it ever can.
Pratfalls and fart jokes pad out the script of this repetitive, joyless, charmless, mind-numbing drivel.
The evidence is clear - and it all points to a pretty joyless afternoon beside the seaside.
Education reformers are pursuing two different approaches for escaping the pitfall of turning schools into joyless test-preparation factories, writes Charles Moody.
Which is strange as I wasted two hours of my life watching this joyless merry go round of a movie.
The stale air, clammy with old sweat, is enough to make you heave, while the joyless expressions of the treadmilled masses takes you straight to the gulag" - Writer Rowan Pelling.
Van Gaal's team looked set to extend their rotten joyless run to nine matches after Gylfi Sigurdsson had equalised Anthony Martial's opener.
Dark and damp chapels, it is held, bred little more than pious hypocrites who, usually clad in joyless Bible-black, were ruled over by grizzled demagogue-like preachers.
The Azzurri are also without experienced campaigners Andrea Pirlo and Daniele De Rossi, with former Newcastle defender Davide Santon called into the squad yesterday, but they are still by far the toughest opposition England have faced since their winless and joyless campaign in Brazil.
One joyless curmudgeon has actually taken ITV to task over a scene in which the sun was shown incorrectly rising in the west.