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There are people after him, and a series of mirthless scenes to labour through joylessly.
We go home to our hellish children, plonk ourselves in front of moronic TV shows and joylessly shovel down the nutrition-free slop we have grabbed out of the freezer and then microwaved back to life.
His driver (Tobey Maguire) seems like a golly-gee all-American kid, but turns out to be a real nasty piece of work, joylessly abusing Lena Brandt (Cate Blanchett), with whom Jake worked before the war.
The scene is then cut short to show Barbara joylessly rehearsing the same number in the theater, illustrating the passion she lacks in comparison to Zouzou.
That makes up for plenty of things, joy will help you much more, even with performance technique, than joylessly practicing.
En route to the corner office, he forsakes the loyal Sarah and joylessly weds Merritt's mistress.
We watched it of course, but celebrated joylessly, like an athlete who'd hit the wall and still survived to complete his first marathon.
Nor in that when he, angrily, drily, joylessly, almost without sensation in that unremitting thrust except for that slight tearing of his own tissues, penetrated her.
Ady's poems became required reading joylessly recited by generations of Hungarian schoolchildren in bombastic voices of patriotism.
In the video Adelphi Sculptures, 1999, Wurm shuffles through a repertoire of "one-minute sculptures" joylessly, almost in desperation (shoe is wedged between wall and head; body is maneuvered under plush armchair; felt-tip pen is poised on toe of shiny shoe, etc.
While they trudged joylessly home through the Moss Side mist, down in the press room Blues manager Trevor Francis was admirably resisting the temptation to foist the old 'game of two halves' cliche upon the assembled scribes.