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Just last month, Barbara Sinatra joyously recalled the couple's years as desert residents, saying, ``We're really desert rats.
Laurel Leverton's gorgeous, shimmering skirts and tops with kimono sleeves were very much part of the action in the first movement, as the dancers leaped and turned joyously, extending their arms in gestures reminiscent of the Chinese opera dancing in which Tran was trained as a child in Vietnam.
His election was joyously welcomed by millions, but there are as many fears as hopes for his papacy.
Julia Wallace had won another cycling race and celebrated joyously.
The piece ends with one group dancing joyously while another trudges in a tight circle, shoulders bent, but supportively touching each other.
Underlining her commitment to the cause, she joyously announced: "I ate a pork pie, I had some pork pie and it was lovely.
It also helps that a clear-headed, fully committed Richards has joyously reclaimed the lead-guitarist role he sometimes ceded to Ron Wood on previous tours.
While Trevor Brooking's chaps were tearfully trudging off at St Andrews on Sunday, the Chelsea players were diving joyously to the Stamford Bridge turf.
I hit the bed in a semiconscious-conscious state, visions of theta-waves dancing joyously in my head.
These toy-size cabins, which look as though they could quarter little campers from the Boys' and Girls' clubs, have actually housed their own bit of American cultural history: In the summer of 1925, George Gershwin wrote his joyously urban Concerto in F in one of them.
But like its predecessors, Crazy Taxi 3 is joyously, infectiously addictive and laugh-out-loud funny.