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They were random scenes, joyously spontaneous, of players and fans sharing alike the rapture.
DEBBIE JOHNSON is a former Daily Post journalist and writer Joyously surly - big Wimbledon attraction Andy Murray
As a small boy, he developed a passion for words that has never left him, and he has spent his career using his prodigious and joyously acquired knowledge to enable others to share that passion.
As Dulcie puts her life back together and makes new friends, she remembers scenes from her cross-country journey, all of which taught her about how to live life joyously by paying attention.
I told the parents where I had just been and shared with the students that their parents could still see them at that age joyously singing.
However, joyously, I can report that is not the case.
Lines form at the sides of the stage as adoring gay and straight men and women wait their chance to stuff bills in the gold-spangled bikini of a shapely transgender dancer gyrating and lipsyncing joyously to salsa music.
While joyously celebrating the Resurrection of Christ, we come to know ever more deeply what it means to be baptized, confirmed, and welcomed to the sacrificial, paschal banquet of Christ's Body and Blood.
As in the original, Sanchez's luscious acrylic illustrations joyously re-create the bustle of mercados while highlighting the young heroine's generosity and compassion.
On the irresistible Motivational Speaker, he embraces heavy rock, drenching the songs with big riffs and joyously flashy solos that never seem excessive.
Think of Balanchine's Concerto Barocco, Robbins' Fancy Free, or Taylor's Aureole--exquisite theatrical machines clicking joyously through time and space, giving music a different dimension and offering dancers the chance to be messengers of the heart.
In its tenderness, and in the distinct character of its narrator, this story feels more like Hempel's earlier work, complete with joyously tossed off one-liners.