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Wild, unpredictable curls defy gravity and convention, jubilantly bouncing as she loads power tools and heavy equipment into her truck.
It was AlonsoAAEs first triumph since he won the 2008 Japanese Grand Prix forAaRenaultAaand he weaved his car jubilantly across the track as he approached the chequered flag without a rival in sight.
With this piece, one traveled jubilantly and sometimes incredulously from imaginary landscape to Duchampian trompe l'oeil, from threatening visions to psychedelic constructions--a multiplicity of worlds made of odds and ends and delivered without airs, and one of the most prodigious artistic gestures of the year.
Mountbatten, who had by then assumed charge as viceroy, sent for Patel at once, jubilantly assessing that Patel by accepting the division of Punjab had implicitly recognised the principle of India's partition, too.
Some bits are jubilantly absurd others show wry restraint.
Acording to him, the Iranian people have "alertly, jubilantly and conscientiously" taken part in the event since the early hours in the morning when polling started.
After his swearing in, ordinary citizens jubilantly shared in the celebration at the Executive Mansion, as the White House was then called.
Also renowned for his line-crossing behaviour, Soumillon jubilantly threw his hat to the crowd following his two-length success, a gesture which would have been dimly viewed in any other country.
All Darfur rebel groups jubilantly hailed the ICC prosecutor's announcement saying it gives justice to their people.
Ottawa -- Canada's leftist media and political establishment were jubilantly apoplectic with feigned rage after the New Democratic Party released a videotape made fully 17 years ago, depicting Saskatchewan Conservative election workers exchanging jokes and banter with now MP Tom Lukiwski hoisting a bottle of beer, joking: "There's As and there's Bs.
Blackpool's innovative Remtulla family is jubilantly celebrating its third and fourth successes in the last three years in the British Frozen Food Federation awards.
Rarely absent from the public eye in a five-decade career, the jubilantly likable veteran of some 150 film roles was 74.