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With his arms raised in jubilation, Zabel of Deutsche Telekom crossed the finish line in Troyes more than 6 hours and 158 miles from the start - but mere milliseconds ahead of a dozen pursuers.
On the contrary, it displays the passion, lyrical prowess, and spiritual jubilation that filled Levertov's final days.
In both countries, most citizens responded with jubilation.
Gold may be worn to express genuine jubilation on special feast days.
Marler, the NINDS medical officer who voiced jubilation that doctors would no longer have to serve merely as guides for patients descending into debility.
She correctly suggests that this grand lodge was perceived as being an "Estates General of the Republic" and that some middle-class cultural elites within Dutch Masonry well might have been associated with the deistic circle of John Toland or with the quasi-Masonic organization known as the Knights of Jubilation.
The standard, off-the-shelf explanation for such mutilation jubilation is that women have been getting their collective hearts ripped out for 500,000 years, give or take an Ice Age.
Queen Latifah to receive replica of her plaque on New Jersey Walk of Fame and will sing onstage in Prudential Hall with members of Jubilation, a gospel choir featuring her mother, Rita Owens.
The step taken by WASA for keeping water bills at old level has sent a wave of jubilation among the residents of the area.
The labour union office bearers and employees have expressed jubilation over announcement of bonus by CDA.
Summary: Jeddah, Safar 22, 1432, Jan 26, 2011, SPA -- As many as 150 children with special needs and orphans have sent a message of love to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah Ibn Abdulaziz Al Saud in jubilation of the recovery of the King of Humanity.
CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES: Jermaine Defoe's winner sparks scenes of jubilation in Times Square JUBILATION: Fans go wild in Newcastle's City Vaults pub as England qualify from the group stages WE'RE MAD ABOUT THE BOYS: England fans go wild in Newcastle at Times Square and the city centre's Milecastle pub as England beat Slovenia 1-0 to guarantee their place in the last 16 of the World Cup finals