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Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council's Cabinet member for education, Coun Ian Jones, said: 'Many of us remember the excitement of street parties during the Queen's Silver Jubilee and we were keen to offer the opportunity to all children in Sandwell to celebrate this Golden Jubilee in a similar way.'
A pleione or hardy orchid called Shantung Golden Jubilee is available from Springwood Nurseries of Leeds.
Of course, biotech companies need some means of protecting their investment in research and development, but Jubilee provisions set some limits to that: Limits that begin with the assumption that the natural world is available to all, and belongs to none.
Meanwhile, the Catholic Community Forum Web site conducted an informal "How I Spent My Jubilee Year" survey.
Jubilee. Jubilee had been complaining about the noise from the Elliott family's backyard shooting range.
In May came the queen's jubilee pop concert (celebrating Elizabeth's 50 years on the throne), at which May performed an electric guitar rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner."
endorses the applicability of the biblical jubilee to the cancellation of international debt: "Thus the jubilee laws...
Seed of Jubilee will be maintained by the Idaho Agricultural Experiment Station.
Jubilee, with its transatlantic focus, consistently uses the term enslaved Africans, focusing on the tragedy of slavery in a global context.
The Fisk Jubilee Singers, In Bright mansions, Curb Records, January 2003
And just a week after I reported Kookoo have flown the Masque nest for sunnier climes at Addiction I can tell you that Jubilee have outgrown The Cotton Club and from next week will be setting up home in Garlands.
In this short year, he wanted me and my brother, Danny, to have his 1953 Ford Golden Jubilee and 1971 International Cub.