Judge Advocate General

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judge advocate general (J.A.G.)

n. a military officer who advises the government on courts-martial and administers the conduct of courts-martial. The officers who are judge advocates and counsel assigned to the accused come from the office of the judge advocate general or appointed by it to work certain court-martials. (See: court-martial, judge advocate)

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Judge Advocate General (JAG)

in matters of martial or military law, the Judge Advocate General's department advises the government on matters of such law and reviews the conduct of courts martial. He will appoint barristers as Judge Advocates to sit in courts martial.
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The Judge Advocate General's School began in World War II at the University of Michigan to train new judge advocates as the Judge Advocate General's Department rapidly expanded.
Army (Retired), is currently serving as a special assistant to the Judge Advocate General of the Army.
Sun Tzu said, "Those who excel in war first cultivate their own humanity and justice and maintain their laws and institutions." The Army's Judge Advocate General's Corps has maintained the Army's laws since 1775 and participated in all the nation's wars.
(8) These were greatly improved versions of his original manual, as he had obtained input from members of the Judge Advocate General's Department (JAGD), including Captain E.
ISLAMABAD, December 16, 2011 (Balochistan Times): A two-member delegation of Pakistan Armys Judge Advocate General Branch (JAG) Brach has met Attorney General Maulvi Anwarul Haq in his office in the Supreme Court of Pakistan, media reported on Thursday.
Mark Milan from the Air Force Judge Advocate General School, Maxwell Air Force Base, Ala., taught the procurement subjects.
The Judge Advocate General's office is quietly lobbying the Senate to allow the chief of the defence staff to temporarily exempt service members who are sex offenders from registering with the national sex offender registry when "deemed necessary for operational reasons."
The DIILS MET seminar's week-long focus on the legal aspects of terrorism and counterterrorism commenced with a combined opening ceremony led by the American Deputy Charge d'Affairs Robert Blake, Jr., Major General Nilendra Kumar, the Indian Army Judge Advocate General, and the MET's senior member, Rear Admiral (LH) John Crowley, the U.S.
Clark, this source says, was constrained in his response by the Judge Advocate General, the military's legal arm, because Clark was the convening authority on the courts-martial of Glover and Fisher.
Thomas Romig, assistant judge advocate general for reserve operations and mobilizations, Brig.
Lorenzana said he told the Judge Advocate General to assist Calida.
Fladeboe (nee Brown) was the first female instructor in the International Law Division at The Judge Advocate General's School, U.S.

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