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See: misjudge
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The city argued that the judge erroneously stated the legislature's intent behind the statute codifying just compensation.
211, 3, petition in the county court, in which it argued, among other things, that the first District Court judge erred in denying its request for a report to the Appellate Division, and that the second judge erroneously denied its right to appeal to the Appellate Division.
In one case, a judge erroneously quoted the story related to Caesar's wife, forcing the minister to resign.
Brooks's claims that the judge's findings in the present case are erroneous rest on his contention that the judge erroneously declined to credit his testimony.
However, the court held that the trial judge erroneously instructed the jury as to punitive damages.
COURT'S OPINION: The Court of Appeals of Wisconsin affirmed the decision of the trial judge that Michelle Rifled to show that the trial judge erroneously exercised his discretion in admitting evidence related to maternal smoking, and that she failed to present a meritorious argument showing that any aspect of the jury instructions to which she objected at trial rendered the instructions, as a whole, misleading regarding the applicable law.
Yet in an ironic extension of Batson, (3) reverse-Batson challenges put defendants at risk when a trial judge erroneously believes the defense counsel's use of peremptory challenges is racially motivated.
As observed, the Plaintiff asserts that the judge erroneously found it to be substantive.
"Unfortunately for her, the trial judge erroneously appropriated the evidence."
Since the hospital's expert witness did not have the requisite experience in emergency medical treatment to qualify as an expert, his testimony was, in fact, "inadmissible." However, the trial judge erroneously relied on his testimony to grant the hospital's motion for summary judgment.
The judge erroneously told jurors they had only two choices: death or a life sentence with the possibility of parole.
But an attorney for the Daily Herald, James T Malysiak, said the judge erroneously ignored case law - including a 1953 U.S.