judge the future

See: presage
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We have to learn from lessons of the pasts to judge the future.
If a candidate wants to judge the future, his criticism is misplaced because the commission is yet to decide anything.
To judge the future offer, administration ask each bidder to achieve with the software that offer a range of scenarios.
This will help us to gauge the quantum of present trade as well as to judge the future impact after liberalization of trade between the two countries.
IF YOU WERE TO JUDGE the future of Colombia from what you read on Twitter, you would have a gloomy vision of what is to come.
The BOJ is closely watching how ''the two opposing factors'' will develop, in order to judge the future course of the economy, Shirakawa said.
It is very difficult to judge the future by present actions.
The report found that the series of tests set out by ministers to judge the future of bodies against were "hopelessly unclear" and had not been applied consistently.
I cannot judge the future and I cannot tell you what will happen tomorrow, five years or [one] hundred years.
But in the main, I judge the future as one in which opportunity outweighs risk.
Coun McLuckie said: "We appear to have one lone voice who, however distinguished a career he had, may not be the best person to judge the future of policing when he is on the verge of retirement.