judge wrongly

See: misjudge
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Finally, Haze argues that the judge wrongly rejected his request for a declaratory judgment.
"The ground of appeal is the judge wrongly directed the jury as to the true meaning of abnormality of the mind," McCoy argued on Tuesday afternoon.
The Belgians seemed to have been let off the hook after a line judge wrongly called a pinpoint Jamie lob out but they won the replayed point and the one that followed to lead 4-2.
Beggs's lawyers successfully argued at appeal that the trial judge wrongly let the jury hear evidence of his previous alleged attacks.
In the process, if you misinterpret and judge wrongly or mess up, just learn from it.
The three-judge panel that overturned the perjury conviction of Tyler Clayton Davis ruled that a Lane County Circuit Court judge wrongly instructed jurors in the case to simply accept another jury's conclusion that Davis had been driving a pickup truck that crashed on a back road between Florence and Reedsport, killing two men in September 2010.
On appeal, Mark Aldred, for Carroll, argued that the judge wrongly concluded that he did not try to kick heroin, took too high a starting point and failed to give sucient credit for his mitigation.
A WOULD-BE street mugger who has served almost nine years behind bars after a judge wrongly gave him a life sentence has been freed from prison.
Mr Davis argued the judge wrongly attributed to Crighton a "significant role" in the drug operation in coming to a "manifestly excessive" jail term.
* TCEQ: Judge Wrongly Said the State Should Protect the Atmosphere: "The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality is appealing a lawsuit that it has already won - and that was filed by children.
But three appeal judges have unanimously ruled the sentence was inadequate because the trial judge wrongly thought Mohamoed, of Splott, Cardiff, would be automatically deported on completing his sentence.
"The next ground of appeal involves D's complaint that the Judge wrongly permitted two witnesses to testify that V had told each of them that he suspected D of poisoning his whisky and of trying to kill him.