judged by comparison

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As to his other features, the mouth, so far as his beard and mustache permitted me to see it, was small and delicately formed; the nose--perfectly shaped on the straight Grecian model--was perhaps a little too thin, judged by comparison with the full cheeks and the high massive forehead.
Also absent from the WDS, this pair shows a 7" separation, judged by comparison with 7.5" Gamma ([gamma]) Ari, in position angle 70[degrees].
Pera admits to the logic of relativism's beginnings--"the existence of a plurality of values" in a globalized, multicultural world--and then carefully lays out subsequent errors committed by relativism's practitioners, "in particular, the conclusion that sets of values, such as cultures and civilizations, cannot be judged by comparison to one another."
* Accuracy, as judged by comparison of element averages between spectro and wet chemical analyses, was very good in virtually all cases.