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So, the New Testament account is quite credible, especially considering that Christ had been flogged to the point of flaying alive and had carried the cypress-wood crosspiece ('patibulum') of 75-125 lbs (roughly the weight of a bag of cement) along 700 yards of winding narrow streets from Pilate's judgement seat to Golgotha.
Richard Cavendish tells us that the last sermon heard by the unfortunate Captain Kidd was `on the cheerful text', `we must all appear before the judgement seat of Christ'.
In an image which, as Esther Gilman Richey points our, draws on Christ's assertion in Matthew 12:42 that the Queen of Sheba "will act as a judge in the Apocalypse," Sheba is imagined as sitting with the Countess at the Judgement seat, justified in the womanly faith of which the Countess is the fulfillment.