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These are bold prognostications, and readers can ad judicate them best by studying the book and its data in full.
[If such were permitted, the absolvitor in the popular action] will not operate [for the defender as] an exceptio rei judicate. Answer of Defenders, Lang v.
325), dentre as quais merece referencia a empresa "Judicate, Inc.", que criou e administra o "Sistema Nacional de Cortes (12) Privadas" (The National Private Court System).
Nao por acaso, precisamente no auge do liberalismo anti-estatatizante da era Reagan, foi fundada, nos Estados Unidos, a empresa "Judicate, Inc.", instituindo e administrando o "Sistema Nacional de Cortes (36) Privadas" (The National Private Court System).
(1) A sampling of other firms that have entered the industry include Judicate, Civicourt, EnDispute (now merged with JAMS), ADR Services Inc., Alternative Resolution Services, Cyber Settle, Inland Valley Arbitration Mediation Service, First Mediation Corporation, Agreement.com, National Arbitration Forum, Resolution Remedies, and National Arbitration and Mediation.
The meeting further agreed that it will [sic] be essential to take into account technical consolidations that may [be] raised against the litigation such as [the] choice of court for the litigation and the doctrine of constitutional avoidance, the issue of res judicate (Matamisa decision), timing of the litigation, locus standi, etc.
Diversity jurisdiction grew out of a mistrust of state court judges to administer and ad judicate cases without local bias.
JOHN LEO WAGNER, a former federal magistrate judge, is now affiliated with Judicate West in Los Angeles.
Likewise, the trustee's avoidance power under [section] 548 (a) and [section] 544 (b) (1) are of equal statutory dignity as the res judicate principle.
21, 1987, at 1, 24 (stating that, according to the president of Judicate, then a leading ADR provider, "[c]onfidentiality is part of what his firm sells").
At this institution, the program is overseen by the IPA medical director who is available to make benefit determinations for out-of-network services, judicate questions of medical necessity, respond to member complaints, and address medical utilization and quality issues.
* Judicate, with headquarters in Lake Success, New York; and