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1) A sampling of other firms that have entered the industry include Judicate, Civicourt, EnDispute (now merged with JAMS), ADR Services Inc.
The meeting further agreed that it will [sic] be essential to take into account technical consolidations that may [be] raised against the litigation such as [the] choice of court for the litigation and the doctrine of constitutional avoidance, the issue of res judicate (Matamisa decision), timing of the litigation, locus standi, etc.
JOHN LEO WAGNER, a former federal magistrate judge, is now affiliated with Judicate West in Los Angeles.
at the Santa Ana, California offices of Judicate West.
21, 1987, at 1, 24 (stating that, according to the president of Judicate, then a leading ADR provider, "[c]onfidentiality is part of what his firm sells").
The settlement was reached after a full-day mediation conducted by Thomas Sharkey of Judicate West.
He was also vice president of sales for Judicate, a mediation and arbitration business in Philadelphia.
and a supplier of alternative dispute resolution services through its subsidiary, Judicate of Philadelphia Inc.
Seid was President and General Counsel of Judicate, Inc.
True North has submitted the issue of the ultimate valuation of its stake in Publicis to the London Court of International Arbitration and will rely on them to judicate monetary damages.
Prior to joining Bachow & Associates, Jay was President of Judicate, Inc.
Quest"), a privately owned company, in exchange for a 25% interest in Judicate and the right to acquire up to an additional 15% interest upon the attainment of certain earnings targets.