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A term used to describe the judicial branch of government; the judiciary; or those connected with the court system.

Judicature refers to those officers who administer justice and keep the peace. It signifies a tribunal or court of justice.

The Judicature Acts of England are the laws that established the present court system in England.


noun administration of justice, authority, bench, court, court of law, court's jurisdiction, extent of the court's authority, forum, judicatory, jurisdiction, jurisdiction of the court, legal authority, legal power, tribunal
See also: assembly, bar, bench, council, court, forum, judgment, judicatory, judiciary


1 the administration of justice.
2 the office, function, or power of a judge.
3 the extent of authority of a court or judge.
4 a body of judges or persons exercising judicial authority.
5 a court of justice or such courts collectively.

JUDICATURE. The state of those employed in the administration of justice, and in this sense it is nearly synonymous with judiciary. This term is also used to signify a tribunal; and sometimes it is employed to show the extent of jurisdiction, as, the judicature is upon writs of error, &c. Com. Dig. Parliament, L 1; and see Com. Dig. Courts, A.

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The 23 people, who had been taken from their houses and shackled by the police as part of an interrogation conducted by Republican Prosecution Office, were dispatched to the 2nd criminal judicature of peace by the demand of arresting.
He has served as a Trustee of the American Inns of Court Foundation and as a Director of the American Judicature Society.
Last week, President Nicos Anastasiades said during an interview with Mega TV that he was collecting information listing Demetriades' inadequacies as governor, which he would consider taking to the Supreme Court of Judicature to initiate proceedings for his dismissal.
Prior to joining Catapult, Pardner wrote for All Pro Sports & Entertainment based in Denver and produced a variety of collateral pieces for the American Judicature Society headquartered in Des Moines.
Alan Neff, The United State District Judge Nominating Commissions: Their Members, Procedures, and Candidates (1981); see Federal Judicial Selection: The Problems and Achievements of Carter's Merit Plan, 62 JUDICATURE 463-510 (1979) (special issue).
In the Instructions dated April 29, 1749 the Governor was ordered, among other things, to establish a Principal Court of Judicature, in the form of a General Court consisting of the Governor and his Council; and inferior courts with a right of appeal to the General Court.
A team of Kuwaiti lawyers succeeded in acquiring the court ruling, by Spain's Supreme Court of Judicature, which accused PwC of an error in judgment and failing to carry out their professional obligations, deputy chief of Kuwait's Fatwa and Legislation Department, Salah Al-Masd told KUNA.
This is because the grievance judicature is a branch of the normal judicature.
Peter Webster, president of the American Judicature Society and a former First District Court of Appeal judge; and
Trautmann, on the other hand, believes "that the deep past lives on of Judicature at Fort William.
Whyte was disqualified from acting as a director for seven years by the Supreme Court of Judicature on June 12, 2000.
The position of Case Management Master for the Court of Queen's Bench, Family Division in the Judicial District of Saint John was created by amendments to the Judicature Act in 2010.