judicial authorization

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After obtaining judicial authorization, the ship was released on May 7," Iran's Ports and Maritime Organization said in a statement.
Expressing deep concern about the extensive power to be granted to the police, Muiznieks said: "I think in particular that any extension of the powers of the police to use firearms, to use force during demonstrations, to stop and search, or to apprehend suspects at their own initiative without judicial authorization, would bear the risk of increasing the likelihood of human rights violations, notably with respect to the right to life, the right to freedom of assembly, and the right to respect for private life.
No judicial authorization was required by law, he said.
Requiring prior judicial authorization before non-cursory searches would help ensure that such searches are justified by probable grounds and restricted (so far as feasible) to examinations of potentially relevant data.
6% of the physicians required police reports or judicial authorization to guarantee the care requested.
Harris of Scheper Kim & Harris LLP had argued to the court in a suppression motion and during a three-day evidentiary hearing that the government's deliberate or reckless misstatements and omissions in obtaining judicial authorization for wiretaps of Mazur's and others' telephones rendered all wiretap evidence inadmissible at trial.
The Supreme Court dismissed the case and as such the law still stands allowing eavesdropping without judicial authorization.
However, the police did not notify the person whose private communications were intercepted without judicial authorization.
Nyst added that governments should stop treating the user data held by corporations as a treasure trove of information they can mine whenever they please, with little or no judicial authorization.
The results of the monitoring of judicial proceedings undertaken in 2012 by the OSCE Centre in the south of Kyrgyzstan, including monitoring of hearings of judicial authorization of arrest, were presented to the audience together with a set of recommendations aimed at enhancing transparency, fairness and accountability in the delivery of justice.
By requiring formal charges and judicial authorization before the
The decision was so controversial that a bill requiring judicial authorization for such searches was supported by all but four members of the state legislature.

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