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In this regard, limited discussions have also been conducted with the Trial Court Budget Commission, chaired by 10th Circuit Judge John Laurent, related to how funding for the judicial branch will be approached in the 2012 session.
Trust in the judicial branch of government is at 66%, down from last year but roughly in line with readings since 2003.
The judicial branch is again asking lawmakers to fund the second phase of its pay equity plan for court employees to address retention, recruitment, and equity problems.
The judicial branch is a primary "check" in our system of checks and balances that protects the rights of the individual, If a sufficient number of citizens disagree with a constitutionally based case such as Claremont, the system of checks and balances again words to allow a constitutional amendment.
The plan presents vision for the judicial branch and identifies five strategic issues(4) that must be addressed for the courts to achieve that mission.
Although constitutionally required to certify judicial need, we remain mindful of competing funding needs both elsewhere in state government and within the judicial branch," the court said.
There have been members who filed term limits [bills] not only for the judiciary but some for county commissioners and all those things; and I think the underlying principle behind that is the more you make this process accountable to the people, the better it is and that is all we are trying to do with the judicial branch.
The Supreme Court's late-June decisions upholding affirmative action and striking down state anti-sodomy laws leaves the impression that practically the entire judicial branch is united in a campaign to undermine our culture and destroy any embattled remnants of true federalism.
Most of Los Angeles County residents have faith in their judicial branch of government - they just don't find it very accommodating, according to a study released Thursday.
He was appointed by Chief Justice William Rehnquist to the Judicial Branch Committee of the United States Judicial Conference and by Chief Judge Mary Schroeder of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to the Circuit's Education Committee.
Moreover, the session was visited by heads of central executive authorities, of the judicial branch, officials who are elected by the Verkhovna Rada and whose appointment it approves, representatives of NGOs and mass media, heads of diplomatic missions.

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