judicial branch of government

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In my work position we focus specifically on the human rights of women and we work on the institutionalization of the gender approach in the judicial branch of government.
Joined by former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf during the dedicatory ceremony, President Weah promised his Government's continued support to the Judicial Branch of Government and expressed his commitment to ensure that the rule of law remains a cardinal component of his administration.
Jimmy Blacklock is a principled leader who knows that the role of the judicial branch of government is not to legislate from the bench, and he will use his profound understanding of the law to contribute to the court's decisions.
She has instituted reforms in the judiciary and has asserted and defended the independence of the judicial branch of government,' Atty.
The judicial branch of government was the only federal branch to receive higher trust and confidence ratings from the American people in 2017 than it did the previous year, and it has also been the most trusted branch of government most years in Gallup's decades-long trend.
But what must never change in Florida's Constitution is the co-equal status of the judicial branch of government to take care of the citizens of Florida.
On behalf of Florida's entire legal community, the judicial branch of government, and my colleagues on the Supreme Court, I offer sincere condolences to his family.
is part of the Judicial Branch of government defined in functional terms
The judicial branch of government interprets and applies the law.
Judicial system - the system of law courts that administer justice and constitute the judicial branch of government - is lifeline of a nation.
The Conscience Front also outlined the importance of drafting a new judiciary law which would reform the judicial branch of government and guarantee its full independence.
Indeed, there is no difference between the conflicts of political forces, which have turned into confrontation in which blood was shed in Tahrir once again, and the disagreements of state institutions, the President and his party on the one hand, and the judicial branch of government on the other, which have turned into a major crisis that could have been avoided.

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