judicial charge

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'Like I've explained before, my focus now is to clean my name from the judicial charges that I face; continue to voice the public's interest; highlight issues facing the public and explaining issues affecting the citizens and the country.'
Other conditions coming from international leaders, he said, included reinstatement of the CNRP, lifting a ban on political activity imposed on 118 CNRP officials, and dropping all judicial charges against civil society and media organisations.
He has more than 694 judicial charges outstanding to his name, including from Interpol.
The court also made it mandatory for him to pay the judicial charges.
Harb called for presidential pardons for young people detained in nonviolent cases and also for others who were detained without judicial charges.
Acting city administrator Dwight Domingo said Duterte had told him to file administrative or judicial charges 'against any official or employee of the city who may have committed an offense in the performance of his officials duties, and functions.'
It is as though Nouri al-Maliki's government is benefitting from the sustainment of this security challenge that is prevailing over the country, especially since it keeps accusing opposition factions of embracing it and providing it with the adequate environment, reaching the point of seeing judicial charges related to terrorism addressed to figures from these factions.
Lopez reiterated the interim government's assertion that the Zelaya would face judicial charges if he returned to Honduras.
Al-Rashid further said that judicial charges against Al-Bashir will help deter other "butcher leaders in the third world".
Chapter three deals with the development of Andalusi judicial charges from their creation until the first half of the eleventh century.
The initiative stipulates that the government may not press any judicial charges against Salem.

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