judicial command

See: mandate, order
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Pretoria ignored a High court order barring Bashir's departure pending a decision on a case calling for his arrest and officials from the ruling African National Congress Party (ANC) said that the government deliberately chose not to adhere to the judicial command.
However, this substantial change in the law does not result in government provision of retroactive payments because "the benefit of hindsight does not undermine the government's reasonableness in relying on Egan." (33) In other words, the government should not be faulted for simply following Egan and obeying what was then judicial command.
Ballymac Floss's True Honcho litter also contained the 28.51sec Waterford scorer Judicial Command and Clinton, winner of a EUR1,500 A1 stake final at Longford in 28.93sec.
Chronicle Bookmakers and the Sporting Emporium sponsor the entire programme, and another very interesting race is the final of the Betchronicle.com Open 575, where fastest heat winner Farloe Jester will be taken on by the likes of Judicial Command and Gas Magee.
O'Donovan turned out Judicial Command to win the opening semi-final of the Betchronicle.com Open 575 where he had four lengths in hand of the alwayssecond Redwood Miner in 31.61sec.
The legislature and governor repeatedly failed to satisfy judicial commands. In 2005, hundreds of school districts asked the court to rule that both the system of funding education and the amount were unconstitutional.
The second category of judicial commands includes those that look to the relationships that exist between citizens.

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