judicial conclusion

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20, his long-running series of frauds reached a judicial conclusion.
To determine the existence of rebellion, 'the President only needs to convince himself that there is probable cause or evidence showing that more likely than not a rebellion was committed or is being committed.' In short, he needs only a prosecutorial finding, not a judicial conclusion.
The epilogue in The Hague is a judicial conclusion of a destructive conduct by our neighbor in concerning Macedonia's NATO integration.
Unfortunately, we could not come to a judicial conclusion yet because of the double standards by the International Court of Justice.
"The QCs reached a judicial conclusion that the payment was made not only with the informed consent of MG Rover but also at MG Rover's request.
Mr Bowis declared himself "delighted" that "at least at the first stage of the judicial conclusion, common sense and consumer choice is being endorsed".
This policy has generated considerable litigation, most of which has resulted in the judicial conclusion that paint is not an acceptable encapsulant.
Judicial conclusions: On the basis of the above-mentioned criteria, the following conclusions are reached in the Imran Khan and Jahangir Khan Tareen cases.
Under such circumstance, Haaretz said, Knesset members motivated mostly by political, electoral and populist considerations will gain excessive judicial powers, while lacking the means to determine facts and arrive at judicial conclusions. The newspaper concluded that the law will be Eden's garden for extremists, who will be haggling amongst themselves and with other Knesset members to grab headlines, adding that "it is a law that will turn Knesset members against each other".
These were not judicial conclusions. They were political actions," columnist Armando Fuentes Aguirre Caton wrote in the Mexico City daily newspaper Milenio.
This is due to slight differences in statutory language and interpretation, creating different judicial conclusions (see, e.g., District of Columbia v.

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