judicial decision

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I have no wish to become embroiled in an unhelpful debate but I would have been failing in my duty if I had not written to the ministers to express concern over a lack of political regard for independent judicial decision making.
democracy with the practical realities of judicial decision making.
The attendees remained [committed] to their stance that what the mufti did, along with violating the judicial decisions of the Shura Council in a repetitive manner, goes against all norms, particularly those related to quorum and administrating elections," a statement from Mikati's office said.
Criticism of any judicial decision is valid, so long as it is the outcome of a detailed and scientific analysis," the Supreme court said, adding:
Under such a doctrine, property owners whose rights are sufficiently adversely affected by a judicial decision are entitled to compensation just as much as property owners whose rights are adversely affected by an executive or legislative branch decision.
The stock market started re-trading shares of The Investors and Eastern Arab for Industrial and Real Estate Investments (IEAI), after it was stopped from dealing for one day under judicial decision.
These developments were declared legal by the Greek courts 'since Greek law does not provide for a judicial decision where an undertaking's activities are terminated definitively of the employer's own volition'.
ensuring the judicial decision is based on arguments before the court (not extraneous matters); and
The Barker case goes against a previous judicial decision, which emphasised the need for early consideration of an EIA.
Then, EU "law does not require a national court to disapply its internal rules of procedure to review and reopen a final judicial decision if that decision (is) contrary to EU law.
To be sure, originalism has considerable theoretical strengths: It is straightforward; it reduces judicial discretion by focusing on constitutional text and history (which leaves more room for decision making by the democratically elected branches of government); and its insistence that the ratifiers' understanding should govern judicial decision making helps to put judicial decision making on a more democratic footing since ratification was more or less a democratic act.

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