judicial decree

See: mandate
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Complex and delicate moral and cultural issues cannot be achieved by a simple judicial decree.
since its Chapter 11 reorganization was converted to Chapter 7 liquidation by judicial decree last month.
According to the Israeli human rights center BTselem, Administrative detention is detention without charge or trial that is authorized by administrative order rather than by judicial decree.
Given the legal nature of the case and considering that the responsibility for the seized vessel falls under the judicial authority now, its release will only be possible through a judicial decree," it stressed.
1638 so that "survivors" of retired military person shall mean: Surviving spouse not legally separated by judicial decree from the deceased issued on grounds not attributable to said spouse.
Khartoum, April 29 (SUNA) - Khartoum North Court Tuesday issued a judicial decree dismissing the arbitration rule in the case of Sudan Cotton Company and deciding continuation of the judicial proceedings in criminal case that relates to violations in the company.
Still others with no formal religious ties recognized the judicial decree as an assault on the human rights that our nation's Declaration of Independence declared are "endowed by their Creator.
Immediate settlement can also be demanded if any law or judicial decree is passed in Egypt that conflicts with the conditions of the loan.
Earlier, a judicial decree had ordered the appearance of Camelia Shehata in the media.
The evolution of common law by judicial decree has a long and often honorable history.
The Legislature is the proper forum for this debate, and we do not sit as a superlegislature 'to award by judicial decree what was not achievable by political consensus.
To be successful, a securities class action plaintiff must thread the eye of a needle made smaller and smaller over the years by judicial decree and congressional action," the opinion said.

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