judicial forum

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That said, its hardly surprising that Sharif continues to publicly attack Pakistan's highest judicial forum.
The APS Martyrs Forum had moved the province's high court to form a judicial commission and to make the inquiry report of the attack public, however, the court had remarked that it does not have the right to form a judicial forum as it is formed by the provincial government.
Since it is the highest judicial forum, we will abide by the decision.
Unfortunately, our judicial forum is being criticised, for which one of the reasons is delay [in cases],' Justice Nisar said.
The judicial forum establish for the impeachment of judges of superior judiciary could not give verdict against any judge.
Therefore, 'this is a blatant misstatement on the part of Jahangir Tareen made before the highest judicial forum of the country which is not a trait of an honest person' court maintained.
These were the possibilities, or one may say speculations, rife at the time of writing these lines, coinciding with the highest judicial forum summing up the hearing into corruption case against the premier's family.
Speaking at the judicial forum of law, freedom and justice on the "Situation of Human Rights in Tunisia", Selliti said that pre-trial detention and indictment are now decisions exclusively taken by a judge.
Thrivent argues that no provision exists within the Employee Retirement Income Security Act that indicates Congress' intent to create a class-action remedy that must be exclusively pursued in a judicial forum.
Justice Amir Hani Muslim remarked SC decision is not confined to only FST but government is bound to keep in view SC decision in appointment of head of any judicial forum.
In 1925, through enactment of that law, Congress declared a national policy favoring arbitration and withdrew the power of the states to require a judicial forum for the resolution of claims that the contracting parties agreed to resolve by arbitration.
The Supreme Court, country's highest judicial forum, has returned with objections his application for reviewing the earlier order that declared the emergency rule of 2007 as illegal, but whether an amended petition will be accepted, is eagerly being awaited even by the public.