judicial instruction

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Following Roggensack, Director of State Courts Randy Koschnick gave his own address, saying that there would no longer be a policy banning state-paid, out-of-state travel for judicial instruction. He also saidhis office is simplifying the approval process used for judicial instruction in other states, saying the changes will let judges apply for credit as well as travel reimbursement.
5, 2016, BoNY filed a Verified Petition for Judicial Instruction, seeking guidance on the order in which it should distribute principal to bondholders and write up balances.
when judicial instruction provided a reason for inadmissibility,
The Belgian prosecutor's office said last night that there was a "judicial instruction" from Martine Quintin, the investigating judge, that meant they could give no "explanation" and no detail about the killing, which a spokesman said was "usual in such a serious murder investigation", the Telegraph reported.
The second procedural level, for situations of uncertainty or dispute, is judicial instruction. The trust tradition has been precocious in allowing the parties, typically the trustee, early resort to authoritative judicial guidance.
Whether the judicial instruction is potent enough to counter this suspicion and anchor it at a level that befits the criminal system's precepts is an empirical question.
African, American, Asian and Arab experts are taking part in this conference which focuses, in particular, on examining issues of transitional justice after dictatorship, judicial instruction, judgements, as well as reform of the security sector.
The essays are divided into three parts, the first of which addresses the study of the language of the law through chapters on the development and nature of the language of regulation and legislation, challenges in teaching legal language, the problem of jury incomprehension of judicial instruction at the end of trials, and practical issues of legal translation.
"Serious criminal accusations are brought only upon the considered judgment of a representative body of citizens acting under oath and under judicial instruction and guidance." (2)
A prosecutor should not need a judicial instruction to get across to jurors that they should be skeptical of a mother's testimony on behalf of her son, (83) a son's testimony on behalf of his father, (84) or a husband's testimony on behalf of his wife.
* The trust attorney should advise the trustee on when and how to seek judicial instruction (e.g., in the event of a major pending decision or a conflict between beneficiaries).
Professor Tushnet describes them as embodying the following judicial instruction to lawmaking authorities: "You tried to accomplish goal X through means A.