judicial murder

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'Today is the 40th anniversary of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto's judicial murder and once again we ask why the protector of the poor people of the country was murdered so unjustly.
For three days, regular life in the Valley was disrupted and air space was closed.After carrying out this judicial murder, Gen Ziaul Haq managed to quell the unrest among the people by imposing strict censorship on the country's media.
Judicial murder of the poor, with no money to pay for a lawyer, or to bribe anybody, is no different from extrajudicial.
2 -- Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gillani on Sunday said that a committee of lawyers was being constituted for reopening the case against the judicial murder of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, DawnNews reported.
Case: Gilani said the PPP wanted to reopen the case of "judicial murder of Zulfikar Bhutto", adding that lawyers in the party should make a team for the purpose.
Leaving aside the immorality of cold-blooded judicial murder, it's obvious the greater deterrent is a long spell in prison where killers can reflect on what they have done.
BRITISH-BORN lawyer Clive Stafford Smith is a figure of near-legendary proportions: the bane of American states which still enjoy judicial murder and the last line of defence for their intended victims.
Voltaire might seem the more outspoken in his attack upon the judicial murder of Calas and La Barre, and the more mocking in Candide, but Diderot was the more radical philosophically, and, like Bayle, denied the link between morality and religion.
"Now there is a real risk of judicial murder in Wilson's case," he said.
And with the Rushdoony faction proposing the actual judicial murder of gays, fewer blink at the position of a Gary Bauer or a Janet Folger, who support laws exposing them to mere imprisonment.
With the judicial murder of Ken Saro-Wiwa and eight other political activists still fresh in the minds of most people around the world, Nigeria's Continuing Crisis fills a need for greater understanding of the country's problems and ways they can be solved.
Though later disheartened in his struggle, Elijah soon was renewed, and he upheld the moral law in denouncing Ahab's judicial murder of Naboth and confiscation of his vineyard.