judicial order

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The bailiff of the courts was a sort of amphibious magistrate, a sort of bat of the judicial order, related to both the rat and the bird, the judge and the soldier.
He explained that the protesters prevented employees of the oil company from access to their work (according to some of the employees of the company), which prompted the company to submit a request to end the sit-in For its part, the provincial police explained that there is a judicial order issued to break the sit-in after a complaint by the oil department.
'All adherents of the Shiites sect in Nigeria remain free to continue to practice their faith and shall be guaranteed adequate security to so do as the judicial order does not stop them.
An injunction is a judicial order that compels a person or a party to carry out a certain act, or to stop doing a certain act.
No one can be arrested except by a judicial order." The JBA is concerned with providing controls to apply the provisions of the law correctly and without excesses, Irsheidat pointed out.
(TAP) - The list of vacancies at the judicial centre against terrorism and the judicial economic and financial pole was announced by the council of the judicial order as part of the regular review of the two poles' line-up and the assessment of their work, said Monday, member of the Higher Council of the Judiciary (French: CSM) Imed Khaskhoussi.
A Bench consisting Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi and Justices Arun Mishra and Sanjiv Khanna did not pass any judicial order and left it to the wisdom of the media to decide on the publication of reports in order to protect the independence of the judiciary.
Afridi said that until Bibi, who was recently acquitted of blasphemy charges by the Supreme Court of Pakistan, is convicted of a crime or there is a judicial order, her name cannot be placed on the Exit Control List (ECL)."Every Pakistani, no matter their religion, is the responsibility of the government and no one can be given a license to play with someone's life or property," he further added.
After the dismissal by the apex court, Baig and Chattha contended that the registrar's decision was not a judicial order which would be challenged soon.
This comes after Fars news agency earlier in the day said that an unnamed Iranian deputy minister had been detained upon a judicial order and later released on bail.
It also stipulates legal protection of the privacy guaranteed by the constitution, and not to disclose or eavesdrop on personal information except by reasoned judicial order.
Normally, reference to such a bench is made by a judicial order. But there is no judicial order here.