judicial order

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The bailiff of the courts was a sort of amphibious magistrate, a sort of bat of the judicial order, related to both the rat and the bird, the judge and the soldier.
Lot 2: litigation with private law representation before the courts of the judicial order.
The new or increased penalties include fines of $533 (SAR2,000) for withholding employees' passports; $800 (SAR3,000) for not paying salaries on time, and $1,333 (SAR5,000) for withholding an employee's salary without a judicial order.
Al-Quds said a Jewish organization handed the Sarhan family in East Jerusalems Silwan neighborhood a judicial order to confiscate three homes belonging to the family, under the pretext the homes were the property of three Yemenite Jews before 1948.
The court, however, expressed serious concerns over the authority attitude towards judicial order.
Venugopal, appearing for the High Court registry, said that the conduct of this judge has brought great disrepute to the High Court by his so- called suo motu judicial order.
11, Lodge said he sent Khayat an email containing a judicial order to remove the information on the purported confidential witnesses from Al-Jadeed's You Tube channel.
Despite the judicial order against him, Khatami's can communicate with the public when he wants to through the foreign-based Persian media.
The other jewellery company was ordered by a judicial order to pay its dues plus the legal interest rate to our client.
Summary: Court of Cassation orders retrial, but ex-strongman remains in detention pending judicial order.
September 24, 2014 (KHARTOUM) - Sudan's police had surrounded the house of South Sudanese ambassador to Khartoum, Mayan Dut Wol, upon a judicial order to hand over three trucks parked inside the house to a Sudanese citizen.
Arshad Butt's lawyer Raja Zahoor-ul-Hassan today said that non-registration of case despite judicial order is `contempt of court.