judicial outcome

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Today's judicial outcome has provided clarification for those who buy and sell ISDs - TV boxes with applications allowing access to illicit TV channels and movies are illegal".
Albanian lawyer Adrian Demiri considers that since the declaration of independence there is lack of good political structures and economic results, political affairs are staged and most of the cases include violence and victims, mostly to the detriment of the Albanians because they are unprotected, and the cases in which they are involved never have political and judicial outcome.
This reliably high majority of support belies a powerful current of change in recent years that has rendered the death penalty a far rarer judicial outcome than before.
Different judicial circuit and different judicial outcome.
It is imperative for a more secure and stable society, and efficient economy, that people believe with relative certainty that the judicial outcome of a trial is linked to a binding set of laws.
The table shows that for the overall Illinois sample, the odds of obtaining a substantial change in the hearing officer's ruling by appealing that issue to court and proceeding to a final judicial ruling was relatively low; in three quarters of the rulings, the final judicial outcome was the same or only slightly different than that of the hearing officer.
In this case, the majority found that there was too much overlap between the judge's non-judicial role as a persona designata and their judicial role; the hearing of the application would result in a decision similar to that of a judicial outcome but without a fundamental aspect of the judicial process--the giving of reasons.
For example, if the assistant principal had questioned Savana's friend as to where she might be hiding the Ibuprofen and she had provided a reliable and specific answer, the judicial outcome would likely have been the opposite.
He said he had phoned Shahbaz and regretted the judicial outcome.
Surmising that personal values alone guided a judicial outcome is one thing; proving it is quite another.
Regardless of the judicial outcome of the case, Italian transplant experts predict a transient reduction in legal organ donations in the country-the typical aftermath, they say, of shocking news headlines about organ trafficking.
2) They are sequenced in descending order, from appeals that changed the judicial outcome of the case to denials of discretionary review that left the original result undisturbed.