judicial proceeding

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If the dispute is also the subject of a judicial proceeding, between the same parties and on the same subject matter, being heard by the courts of the member state requested to uphold the judgement and the action has been brought before the courts of said member state before the presentation of the dispute to the court of another member state, which issued the judgement.
May 23, 2011), held that presuit collection letters did occur during the course of a judicial proceeding and were absolutely privileged:
Under this procedure, the property owner has no opportunity to be heard in a judicial proceeding before the Tax Deed is issued.
The trustee/executor had no excuse for failing to bring a judicial proceeding in state court to reform the trust.
However, Justice Ginsburg joined Justices Breyer, Stevens, and Souter in Part II of the dissenting opinion, which argued that Article 36 of the Vienna Convention grants individual rights to a foreign national that may be invoked in a judicial proceeding, an issue the majority opinion declined to decide.).
Again, the statute provides the Chief Counsel may not delegate this authority and that a taxpayer cannot have a refusal to rescind a penalty reviewed in any administrative or judicial proceeding. (56)
And if indeed he did not exaggerate, then what do his quotidian tasks and workload tell us about the municipal criminal justice system, especially the nature of judicial proceedings, at a critical time of rapid urban growth, expanding poverty, and government and elite fears of social disorder and popular unrest in the capital of the Viceroyalty of New Spain?
'The trial now will be strictly a judicial proceeding,' the former chief magistrate said.
The Florida Supreme Court, on its own motion, is considering adopting new Florida Rule of Judicial Administration 2.340 (Judicial Attire) to govern judges' attire during judicial proceedings. The court invites all interested persons to comment on the rule under consideration, which is reproduced in full below, as well as online at www.floridasupremecourt.org/ decisions/proposed.shtml.
The measure provides that the prescription will be interrupted when either administrative or judicial proceedings are instituted against the accused or by filing of the complaint for purposes of investigation, and will begin to run again if the proceedings are dismissed for reasons not constituting jeopardy.
Police registered cases against the accused under Sections 166, 506, 341, 228 (intentional insult or interruption to public servant sitting in judicial proceeding), 109, 147 and 149 (offenses against public tranquility) of the Pakistan Penal Code, and multiple activists were arrested.
(1) Chiefjudges, presiding judges, and quasi-judicial officers retain authority to control the use of electronic devices during judicial proceedings, and may temporarily confiscate, or may direct law enforcement to temporarily confiscate, any electronic device that is being used in a manner that is determined to be disruptive to the judicial proceeding, to be contrary to the orderly administration of justice, to violate the rule of sequestration of witnesses, to interfere with court security, or to violate the privacy rights of litigants, witnesses, or other participants in the judicial proceeding, until the proceeding is concluded.