judicial process

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As we have stated before, matters like this are best handled through the normal judicial process where decisions are made on the merits, instead of trying cases in the media by making false accusations," said partner Kenneth Ziffren.
Henderson "With title to one of the largest undeveloped silver deposits in the world hinging on the outcome of the pending trial decision, we believe it is appropriate to allow the judicial process to run its course".
BRE[pounds sterling]KSEL (CyHAN)- The European Union in its first reaction to a Turkish court verdict which convicted hundreds of military officers of plotting a coup has said it does not comment on the substance of individual court rulings but only on the way the judicial process was carried out in all candidate countries in the framework of European standards.
Krishna on Tuesday said there was no pressure from Italian Government on the marine issue, and added that the Central Government would not interfere in the judicial process.
A Superior Court judge has ruled that the city of Los Angeles abused the judicial process by improperly filing a $400 million lawsuit to block a sister company of the lead contractor on the controversial Belmont Learning Center from pursuing construction claims against the port.
While the judicial process vindicated our company, to reach that result we have had to spend a great deal of time and money -- resources that instead should have been devoted to research and innovation.
He is being open and honest about his judicial philosophy and how he views the judicial process and the role of the judiciary.
Deputy Public Defender Manuel Martinez, who worked for two years on the disposition program, said the judge is dedicated to the judicial process.
Courtrooms are typically located at the center of the building while support spaces and circulation radiate outward, obscuring the courtrooms as figures of the judicial process.
In a resolution passed by the Union Cabinet today in its meeting on the High Court judgement on the Ram-Janam Bhumi-Baabri Masjid title suit, it was stated that the High Court judgement would be the outcome of a long judicial process and it should be treated with the utmost respect by all.
On the Jones case, Starr, a former judge himself, should have had more respect for the judicial process when he learned Clinton and Lewinsky lied in their depositions in that case.
Verint has significant experience working with government organizations and we are delighted to help this new municipal customer create a safe environment for participants in the judicial process," said Dan Bodner, President and CEO of Verint.