judicial pronouncement

See: ruling
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Group companies/member firms working under the common brand name, should have neither failed to perform on any agreement during the last three years, as evidenced by imposition of a penalty by an arbitral or a judicial pronouncement or arbitration awarded against the Applicant or its Affiliates or its member firms, nor been expelled from any project or agreement nor had any agreement terminated for breach by such Applicant or its Affiliates or member firms Opening date : 19 Dec 2017
What the judicial pronouncement entailed was that once those who had suffered for centuries from the inequities of the caste system had been able to overcome much of their social disabilities via the officially sponsored affirmative action, they would lose their right for preferential treatment.
There are two vacancies each in the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha, while one BJP MP Chedi Paswan does not have voting rights following a judicial pronouncement, he added.
The OMP however is not a judicial body and it does not seek to make a judicial pronouncement with regard to a civil or criminal matter.
The court cited a three-part test for EAJA fees, and whether a party has prevailed: There must be a court-ordered change in the legal relationship of the parties; the judgment must be in the favor of the party seeking the fees; and the judicial pronouncement must be accompanied by judicial relief.
The merger of the north and the east, which is an article of faith as far as Si Lankan Tamils are concerned, has been undone by a judicial pronouncement.
Allowing the first-in-time decision to stand seems reasonable as a matter of policy because it allows citizens to rely on the first judicial pronouncement on a question of law, but does so without undermining the authority of the judicial branch.
There remains one category of treaty--at the opposite end of the historic continuum--that lacks judicial pronouncement on the subject of consultation.
26) Hence, this Court has determined that cases raising a generalized grievance would meet the injury-in-fact requirement only where there is a clear showing that the action challenged has caused or will cause an individual injury and that a judicial pronouncement of rights will be likely to redress that injury.
This means that any law infringing the right is utterly without authority, and any judicial pronouncement on the meaning of the right which infringes the right is also without authority.
There may be considerable dissonance between judicial pronouncement and corrections behavior.
The trial court sustained a demurrer filed by the parents, stating that "[i]f public policy demands a parent to be held liable in these circumstances, it should be accomplished by an appropriate act of the General Assembly and not by judicial pronouncement.