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It accurately clarified the law on the judicial review power of the civil High Court and the limits of the jurisdiction of the shariah courts.
The increased breadth and depth of judicial review has, of course, given rise to predictable controversy.
The so-called public/private divide features throughout the law and scholarship on judicial review, cleaving public and private bodies, functions, interests, remedies and law.
He said: "Not many people realise that you can challenge a local authority or government's decision in courts through a Judicial Review case but they are an extremely important way of holding a public body to account.
And now, the council's handling of the application has been subject to a third bid for judicial review.
The health board has not offi-cially been informed of a judicial review.
The mere prospect of a judicial review into the procurement process unearthed significant technical flaws in the way the contract was awarded.
151 number of new judicial reviews in 2009 (to July 7)
As developers, Wiggins are used to legal proceedings when plans are blocked, but spokesman Geoff Lansbury said: "It is a new experience going to a judicial review on a minister's decision."
Musa's suggestion comes less than a week after the Federal Court nullified the unilateral conversion of three children - who had been converted by their Muslim convert father without the consent of their Hindu mother - in a judicial review on the decisions taken by Perak religious authorities in registering the conversion to Islam.
Judicial reviews, in which a judge considers if a decision by a public body is lawful, often take years to come to court.
A NEW clampdown on judicial review applications amounts to an "assault on access to court", civil liberties campaigners have warned.

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