judicial secretary

See: clerk
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Notes: Please mail or fax proposals to Donna Toineeta-Lossiah, Court Administrator or Amber Shuler, Judicial Secretary, P.
The NIC has started processing a new monitoring system and has given a demonstration to judicial secretary Tapas Mukherjee and legal remembrance (LR) Ishan Chandra Das.
Scola, a former assistant district attorney, and his wife, a judicial secretary at Worcester Juvenile Court, had to Worcester's legal community.
Granada, 1093) through his experience as a judicial secretary and mufti in several towns of al-Andalus.
Everyone's nervous,'' said Etta Astrachan, an administrative judicial secretary.
Similarly, an alert judicial secretary may make sure certain keys are secured and appropriate doors are locked, thereby preventing unauthorized access to people and property.
It's a wonderful day," said Patricia Grady, judicial secretary in the Juvenile Court.
Scola was a judicial secretary in Worcester Juvenile Court, and Mr.
Scola, 32 at the time of her death, was a judicial secretary at the Worcester Juvenile Court.