judicial secretary

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He informed that the cabinet meeting has also decided to give the power of the appellate court to an additional judicial secretary instead of the home secretary.
Notes: Please mail or fax proposals to Donna Toineeta-Lossiah, Court Administrator or Amber Shuler, Judicial Secretary, P.O.
The NIC has started processing a new monitoring system and has given a demonstration to judicial secretary Tapas Mukherjee and legal remembrance (LR) Ishan Chandra Das.
Scola, a former assistant district attorney, and his wife, a judicial secretary at Worcester Juvenile Court, had to Worcester's legal community.
Granada, 1093) through his experience as a judicial secretary and mufti in several towns of al-Andalus.
Similarly, an alert judicial secretary may make sure certain keys are secured and appropriate doors are locked, thereby preventing unauthorized access to people and property.
"It's a wonderful day," said Patricia Grady, judicial secretary in the Juvenile Court.
Scola was a judicial secretary in Worcester Juvenile Court, and Mr.
Scola, 32 at the time of her death, was a judicial secretary at the Worcester Juvenile Court.