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The foreign ministers, in a statement at the end of their one-day meeting, totally rejected the statement, apparently referring to Wallstrom's comments on a judicial sentence against Raef Badawi, a Saudi citizen who was sentenced to 10 years and 1,000 lashes for insulting Islam and offending a religious authority.
So, those who are in Indian jails from Pakistan as of now are those whose nationality either has not been confirmed by Pakistan or who have not completed their judicial sentence.
Security also prevented protesters with complaints from being on site and turned away a group of workers from the Assiut Cement Factory who were forced into early retirement and received a judicial sentence overturning the decision from asking Morsy to enforce the court order.
NNA - 7/9/2011 - Future bloc member, Deputy Kazem Al-Kheir, called in a talk with the Future News channel on Wednesday on Hezbollah to adopt a clear stance regarding the judicial sentence issued against General Fayez Karam.
This Article examines judicial sentence modification, an often overlooked ameliorative mechanism that has potential benefits many other forms of early release lack.
The loss of membership, through a final judicial sentence or deprivation of legal capacity, shall take effect after the final court decision in the matter has been communicated to the plenary of the Turkish Grand National Assembly.
Execution can only be carried out following a judicial sentence.
Even if the contract were null for reason of such laws (which does not seem to be the sense of the cited law of Castile, which only prohibits doing it under severe penalties), the person receiving the money would not be forced to give it back before a judicial sentence was issued forcing him to, and not without taking before a just compensation for the service rendered gratuitously.
Riyadh, Jumada I 16, 1436, Mar 7, 2015, SPA -- An official source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said: "The Kingdom cannot believe and strongly disapproves what has been addressed in some media outlets about the case of Citizen Rai'ef Mohammed Badowi and the judicial sentence he has received.
He affirmed that Bahrain is moving ahead with appropriate legal procedures and judicial sentences as a deterrent to extremist terrorist groups and elements.
He stressed that Bahrain is moving ahead with applying the appropriate legal procedures and the imposition of judicial sentences as a deterrent to extremist terrorist groups and elements.
The prosecution and the execution of various types of detention and of judicial sentences and measures are key tasks of the Directorate of Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) of the Canton of Zurich.