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Veteran politician Javed Hashmi, a former leader in PTI, said the judicial verdict had darkened Imran Khan's political future.
Andraos told The Daily Star that he was apprehended by security forces after he prevented a construction crew from implementing a judicial verdict to open a road for a private property in Salhieh.
He said the decision by the judicial committee will be considered as a final judicial verdict and may not be appealed except at the Cassation Court which has jurisdiction to consider the matter.
Continuation of the house arrest without judicial verdict is a violation of the constitution.
Meanwhile, Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen leader Asaduddin Owaisi recently said that the Muslim Personal Law Board has already committed itself to a judicial verdict.
This acme in a statement issued Saturday by the Bar Association following internal and foreign repercussions on the judicial verdict issued against the female doctor accused of apostasy.
Requesting the court to hand down the accused a suspended jail sentence, the prosecution said: "No need to pass down another judicial verdict against the accused.
After such a landmark judicial verdict, my failed legal action ensures that anonymous suits and skirts, who control the media, numerous other businesses and the public sector, will now enjoy complete freedom to replace older employees whatever their unimpaired ability and merit.
While nobody has been stronger and more strident and clear than the Congress in condemning fake encounters, it is equally important that after a judicial verdict, after a trial and with reasons when a judgment has come, all parts of society should try and avoid politicization of the issue" Singhvi said here.
They were released based not on a judicial verdict, he said, but because of "external pressures.
In a press statement in response to calls for the Arab Information Network to the Kuwaiti government to abolish a judicial verdict against a Kuwaiti journalist, the Ministry said the government does not interfere in the work of the judiciary authority.
In a presidential statement, copy received by Aswat al-Iraq, Talabani stressed necessity "to respect the judicial verdict, but my duty was to pacify all parties to hold a National Conference to solve all issues, including Hashimi's case".