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Hajiya Habiba Mohammed, one of the beneficiaries, lauded the efforts of the state government for the gesture, assuring that she would make judicious use of the amount in establishing a small business to complement her income.
Mr Woodard said: "Blackbeard was judicious in his use of force."
'My friends and I in BN do not practise unruly politics by hurling insults or lies, but are more judicious in our campaigning.
A Grow Safe Food campaign has also been initiated carrying the message of safe and judicious use of pesticides to farmers and other stakeholders.
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approaches are based upon the judicious mix of physical, cultural, biological and chemical control methods, employed to manage and control pests.
"This situation calls for judicious management of our limited water resources and a paradigm shift in our approach to this vital issue.
Meanwhile Judicious can bounce back to form for new trainer Peter Salmon in the Pin Point Recruitment September Stakes (3.40) at Catterick.
GEOFF HARKER, who boasts a 25 per cent strike-rate with his Leicester runners over the past five seasons, was again the trainer to follow as he completed a 16-1 double with Cootehill Lass and Judicious, both ridden by Robert Winston.
Forrest Gathercoal, Judicious Discipline (6th edition), 2004, 250 pp., paper, $27.95, ISBN 1-880192-48-9
Besides, he voiced admiration for the avant-garde achievements and brilliant successes accomplished in all fields, thanks to President Zine el Abidine Ben Ali's judicious and clear-sighted policy, as part of a reformist and modernist approach and a judicious national development methodology.
Question: Use the word 'judicious' in a sentence to show you understand its meaning.
The judicious professor; a learner-centered philosophy for teaching and learning in higher education.