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Here I draw on a seminal contribution by Burbules (1995) in identifying such moments as being constituted by a sense of plurality, fallibalism, pragmatism and judiciousness.
Qasd in this particular context means judiciousness, prudence, thriftiness, moderation, temperance and frugality in the disposal of wealth.
These global figures do not rest on the shoulders of TDAP and sweeping statements of closure should be made with greater judiciousness, especially since Senator Saleem Mandviwalla appreciated the performance of TDAP during the meeting (s) of Senate Standing Committee of Commerce.
However, she acknowledges the virtue of EBM's "call to cultivate intellectual virtues, both intellectual (e.g., judiciousness and explicitness) and moral (e.g., conscientiousness, honesty, courage; p.
Judiciousness on the financial front will help you save money.
There are several synonyms used for wisdom in practice, including but not limited to reason, intellect, insight, acumen, balance, clear thinking, comprehension, enlightenment, foresight, good judgment, clear judgment, judiciousness, prudence, sagacity, sanity, rationality, savvy, shrewdness and understanding.
o'erweigh a whole theatre of others." We won't presume to arrogate to ourselves an exclusive possession of Shakespeare's "judiciousness," but we do believe that the merits of Kill Anything That Moves should, as with all else, be judged not by the number of people who praise or condemn it, but by a careful examination of the book itself.
In a flowery and poetic expression that seemed to spontaneously unfold, she praised Sonia's gracefulness and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's gentleness and Advani's Nyay priyata (judiciousness) in the House.
(7: 317-18) Initially, Kohlhaas is portrayed as exemplifying precisely these virtues of judiciousness, reflection, and obedience to established order, and he exhibits them later, ironically, in his perserverance in opposing the established order.
The success of the defense acquisition system is predicated on a solid foundation of fiscal responsibility, and any cure for inefficiency and mismanagement will only take effect when the DoD workforce is allowed to operate in an environment that fosters judiciousness and budgetary discipline.
With some virtually turning into ruins, one wonders at the judiciousness of giving the go-ahead to such plans that have no scope of materializing.
This stressful environment needs your leadership, ingenuity, and your honor, courage and commitment to spearhead each and every assignment or situation that you face, and we must ensure we maintain a culture of judiciousness.