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A sense of judiciousness has to do with a capacity for prudence and moderation, even in the exercise of reason itself.
8) That is, had these nepotistic relations not existed, Kohlhaas's legal action against the Junker might well have prevailed, in which case his honesty and judiciousness would have been praised.
As we've seen above, the process Elinor uses to attempt to attain psychological knowledge is deeply ethical, in that she operates out of an impulse of justice, and because the uncertainty inherent in her method produces a mindset of judiciousness.
A more measured view--that Islam is a historic civilization now in the throes of a tumultuous coming-to-terms with modernity, a process America is fortunately situated to observe from some distance, treat with judiciousness, and perhaps assist--has surprisingly little traction.
By ignoring this time-honored tradition and throwing roundhouse punches at the president shortly after the attacks, Romney irresponsibly politicized a foreign policy crisis and raised questions about his ability to handle rapidly unfolding international crises with the judiciousness, discretion and poise they require.
Weathers proposes to categorize writings according to four postures of the mind maintained by the authors in their writings: certitude, judiciousness, involvement, and absurdity.
Fair play or judiciousness has retreated into forgotten corners.
For its breadth, skill, cogency, depth, judiciousness, exhaustive scholarship, and insightfulness, Fernie's book is a gift to Americanists.
The essays of greatest resonance explore the architectonics of emotional and editorial judiciousness and equilibrium.
Further, through a degree of judiciousness on my own part, I had the good fortune to serve on boards of companies that embraced the highest ethical standards and thus never faced any real problems.
In addition, it called for the community to display judiciousness in their action and to ensure that they conformed to the general manners and etiquettes of Sharjah's culture.
What set Nick apart from the others was a simple and very powerful combination of two special qualities: an utterly extraordinary erudition regarding all aspects of Russian history and civilization, on the one hand, and the unsurpassed balance, judiciousness, and elegance with which he wielded this knowledge, on the other.