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By combining the judiciousness of objectivity with attentiveness to the specificity of human experience, Elinor practices a form of empirical thinking that allows her to feel considerable empathy for others.
Other judicious moments on the part of the American government had included threats to withhold loan guarantees but not direct aid from Israel following rampant construction of settlements on occupied Palestinian land; Colombian judiciousness meanwhile continued with the extradition to the US of a top paramilitary commander involved in the February 21 massacre before he had time to adequately describe the crime.
He is known for his judiciousness, wisdom and worldly experience.
At the very least, the matter would seem to warrant a greater degree of reflection and judiciousness than is evident in the bandwagon mentality prevailing among many promoters of ceramics criticism today.
With precision and judiciousness, German-Jewish Orthodoxy in an Immigrant Synagogue: Cincinnati's New Hope Congregation and the Ambiguities of Ethnic Religion (1988) dealt with an exception to the rules of Jewish religious formation in America: eastern Europeans are supposed to found Orthodox shuls, and Germans are supposed to build Reform temples.
This is a book that John Maynard Keynes would have lauded, in that it demonstrates all the judiciousness of preferring to be "imprecisely right rather than precisely wrong.
This is not to minimize, or even to criticize, the useful spadework provided by Konstan, his conscientiousness, his impressive learning, and scholarly judiciousness.
Altruism, insight, judiciousness and persuasive articulation are just a few examples.
Intellectual capacity without the virtues that come through the test of time produces leaders without prudence, judiciousness, insight and common sense.
The virtues of Livingston's first edition are still on display in this revised work: clarity, discerning exposition, fairmindedness, and judiciousness.
But he recounts their travail, as well as their occasional gallantry, with subtlety and judiciousness.