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Qui verbum meum audit, et credit ei qui misit me, habet vitam oeternam et in judicium non venit; sed transit a morte im vitam
Modestia is a fine virtue," continued the gentleman; "however, as to your speech, I must say mihi secus videtur: yet I am willing to suspend my judicium.
The scheme, organised by London-based consultancy Judicium Education, was designed to give "hard working and aspirational students from non-privileged backgrounds a rare insight into working life in the city".
Judicium director Dr Alex Mehta said taking students - who had never met before - from Wales to London for a team challenge was untried and untested.
Sobolev has just quoted a passage from the poet's final retreat notes, in which he fends off "an attack of despair, self-disgust, and the fear of madness" by repeating Justus es, Domine, et rectum judicium tuum.
The Directors of Judicium PLC are responsible for the
Judicium Education is providing everything from legal advice to day-to-day services such as payroll.
101) This is an integral part of nullum judicium sine lege, the procedural principle of legality.
In our historians wee find it mentioned under severall names: Henry the First calls them the auntient liberties of the subject; elsewhere they are termed "antiquas libertates regni," "rectum judicium terrae," "lex terrae," "jus regni," etc.
Prejudicecomes from the latin prae- , in advance, and judicium , judgment.
In retreat notes of 1888, struggling to meditate successfully on this daily exercise, he found he "could therefore do no more than repeat Justus es, Domine, et rectum judicium tuum and the like, and then being tired I nodded and woke with a start" (Sermons, p.
30) No wonder then that Caspar Schwenckfeld opened his detailed judicium, or refutation of the "Admonition," with several paragraphs in which he expressed his irritation triggered by a group name,