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The juggle was real, but the drive behind the work was different because it no longer felt like work.
He has previously juggled a ball all the way across Lesotho in Africa for charity, becoming the first person in history to juggle a football across an entire nation.
Critique: A truly exceptional and deeply personal account of one woman's ultimately successful struggle against horrific circumstances, "How to Juggle Without Balls" is impressively well written, organized and presented.
And in this month which heralded World Juggling Day why not set aside time to get together and learn to juggle.
They need help and with advanced discrete manufacturing, they get a solution that helps them juggle everything and meet customer demand.
People who learn how to juggle learn to relax more.
In effect, Juggle is a classified front end to selected Wikipedia articles.
Six current or former members of the University of Maryland Juggling Club decided to go to the Juggle This
The only thing that upsets us is when people are trying to juggle between England and Ireland - that's the only issue really there.
Hyatt Place has released a study indicating travelers are struggling to juggle personal and work responsibilities and might be willing to spend more money to get some help.
NORTHBORO - In today's stuffed schedule, people juggle family, work, community activities and even throw in a little sleep for good measure.
Better still, he's observed that anyone who watches him juggle appears to be in a better mood in relatively short order.