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A comparative analysis of percentage of collection against original target and against net recoverable is a classical case study of financial jugglery.
You have thus caught the mankind in this play of jugglery.
This jugglery of figures on the part of Ministry of Finance (MoF) is a national disgrace.
Even more importantly in fashionable understanding this whole narrative thing is about jugglery of words about spinning harsh realities and about twisting facts to suit the storyline which the status quo wants people to believe.
The efforts of the government in this regard were well-recognized and lauded by the multilateral and financial institutions though some economists accused the government of jugglery of statistics.
Mind you, post-production jugglery isn't the same thing as a strong, relevant, persuasive and motivating idea.
95) may well be a magic that is neither black nor white but rather a form of well-meaning jugglery, of the sort proscribed in Reginald Scott's Discoverie of Witchcraft.
Does it not blatantly betray some poor qualities of our politicians which include jugglery, bankruptcy and skullduggery?
National Anti-Corruption Committee of Russia public organization is expected to submit data on jugglery and
And so shadow-painting in its exploitation of this weakness of our nature falls nothing short of witchcraft, and so do jugglery and many other such contrivances.
Other world-class performers are the Irish Dance Show to take place at Mouj Ice Island; Pets Magic, a fantastic show that promises breath-taking magic tricks with animals; and Colourful Boxes Show, which will use a multicolour box to perform acrobats and jugglery.
The study of macro growth models in a limited vision is just a mathematical jugglery.