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Partial condyle should be drilled (if necessary) with a high-speed diamond drill to expose and open the hypoglossal canal as well as the jugular foramen for the removal of tumors in the jugular foramen.
Jugular foramen dome variation is due to the dissimilarity in the racial and the geographical source of study material.
The jugular foramen may be considered as the complex foramen due to its irregular shape, surgical access, and contribution of two bones in its formation.
1) On CT scans, JFS appear isodense or slightly hyperdense and usually cause enlargement of the jugular foramen with smooth well-defined bony margins and no signs of bony infiltration.
Given the location, combined with slight bony remodeling of the jugular foramen suggestive of a slow growing lesion, the appearance was thought to be consistent with a glomus jugulare tumor (Fig 2).
01 mm of accuracy) from HS to foramen ovale, jugular foramen and carotid canal of the middle cranial base.
Meningoceles of the jugular foramen region are extremely uncommon and difficult to explain by current skull-base cephalocele classifications.
Six months postoperatively, TH developed excruciating neck pain with movement of her cervical spine and a jugular foramen syndrome, as evidenced by hoarseness and moderate dysphagia.
1: CT bone windows basal skull images showing osteolytic, irregular bordered, scalloping borders and intralesional calcifications and destructed bone extending upto jugular foramen anteriorly, retromastoid region posteriorly and C2 transverse process inferiorly.
He had previously undergone removal of a gross tumor, which was believed to be an epithelial cyst, from the right jugular foramen.
Computed tomography (CT) with contrast demonstrated a giant jugular foramen tumor that extended from the right cerebellopontine angle to the level of the hyoid bone (figure 2).