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But now back to that 'juiciest steak in town' claim.
Our consumers tell us that our new Tropical Gold Pineapple is the sweetest and juiciest canned pineapple on the market and it's great value too.
Some forumites were not too pleased with this result, but the major market move invited everyone to join in the gamble, and although the juiciest prices were taken by those in the know, punters shouldn't be too bitter.
Especially now Penguin Books have released The Gothic Classics Series (pounds 7.99 each), a selection of the juiciest chillers ever published.
The Orchard Perfect program employs the latest farming practices, among them packing and shipping systems to provide the sweetest, juiciest, tastiest fruit possible.
As leathery pomegranate packed with seeds circulating through all of us, you were sweet sap, you were apple; even in old age never drained: fine high jet of conversation endlessly rising and falling, no I am not exaggerating here: you were articulation's juiciest snow pea pod of a man loaded with salts crystallizing into sugars, into hard fragrant cider: even sagging from the heart-stem painfully, at the apparent end you were still full of it, spirits that never sting but speak true, brisk buckups for darkening friends, fruit flies and honey bees multiplying around you then as they do now, under leafless trees stricken, jostling each other for one more sip of you.
Eddie Taketa joined him for a reprising duet and the two veterans roiled delectably through the juiciest of Varone's movement, exchanging cues and grins.
Rules banning the juiciest Welsh T-bone steaks from the market are starting to put small abattoirs out of business, according to the National Farmers Union of Wales FUW.
The reason the Corps successfully dodged responsibility and resisted reform until accepting some blame in June is the iron triangle, composed of career Corps bureaucrats, the contractors who make millions in profits from Corps projects, however lunatic, and the members of Congress for whom the Corps projects offer some of the juiciest slices of pork available.
Effectively, the juiciest T-bone steaks from traditional breeds, such as Welsh Blacks, and organically-produced cattle are banned from the butcher's market.
While lying and cheating among friends make for the juiciest material (most people pass on their best tidbits to at least two other people), gossip may offer a foothold for newcomers and a safety net for group members who feel in danger of falling out.
When asked why Rose Associates, which owns a number of prominent properties, including One Battery Park Plaza, selected to sell The Sheffield rather than another asset, Rose called it their "biggest and juiciest" property, rife with redevelopment possibilities, and would consequently garner the highest sales price.