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Harriet Monroe: the Gertrude Steinian'd, Albert Einsteinian'd, Wunderkind, cube-kissed, Modernist spirit is on her, the rah-rah Dada hoodoo-lips of 1913 are readying to juicily play a rootie-toot-toot on the quiet reed in the head of this quiet reed of an editor-lady.
(6) Now quite a strong line is emerging in a kind of blackish comedy, derived, I suppose, from Ronald Hugh Morrieson's juicily bad-taste gothics.
Nine points juicily available but only one harvested.
The Mowgli's Special Kebab (PS4.50) was my favourite dish, with juicily marinated chicken tikka and fresh spinach, held together by a thin omelette and served with garlic and chilli sauce.
Fruit flavours burst juicily with every sip and your mouth says "more, more".
Wairau Valley Sauvignon Blanc Reserve 2012 (PS13.99), from the heart of Marlborough, is a class act by any standards - headily-scented with classic passion fruit and tomato stalk aromas, it''s ripe, but dry, juicily crisp and very fruity.
A while back I spent three months in Italy studying Italian, and by the time I left I was pretty good at it." (His Leporello offered, in its fluid and juicily inflected recitatives, ample evidence of that.) His run as Falke doesn't start till December, and by then, after six months in Dresden, he should be pretty good at German, too.
Featuring fully fleshed-out, juicily ambivalent characters coping with the complexities of racism in 1960s France, and a wealth of colorful, well-executed terpsichorean material performed by a talented, real-life ballerina lead, pic satisfies on a number of levels.
Like those reporters, Timerman manuevers himself, for research purposes, into a juicily compromising situation.
IT was heartening to see the auditorium packed on Wednesday, for whatever reason: the star-billing of violinist Nicola Benedetti, the return to the CBSO podium of Lahav Shani, one of the runners in the MD stakes, or just a juicily attractive programme?
The steak was a great thick hunk, apparently devoid of fat and juicily pink in the centre, doused in a generous amount of tangy sauce.
They are also now among the first of the Chablis houses to harvest to ensure that their fruit is juicily acidic.