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The prediction equations using WBS explained a corresponding 34%, 31% and 49% of the variation in tenderness, juiciness and overall palatability, respectively.
Longissimus thoracis from 1 to 15 d, improved scores of two major sensory attributes of meat, such as tenderness and juiciness, without prejudice to the other attributes studied.
However, there was no significant correlation between WBS and juiciness or mouth coating, both indirect sensory measures of tenderness.
While the most ideal the better (the objective approach) method was used for the tenderness, juiciness and WBS values in the normalization process, the lowest the best (the minimum approach) method was used for flavour and NCBS in the normalization process and the highest the best (the maximum approach) method for the acceptability in the normalization process.
The descriptors for various sensory attributes were defined (Table I) and the panelists were asked to rate their acceptance for color, flavor, juiciness, tenderness, oiliness and overall acceptability according to hedonic scale: 1, dislike extremely; 2, dislike very much; 3, dislike moderately; 4, dislike slightly; 5, neither like nor dislike; 6, like slightly; 7, like moderately; 8, like very much; 9, like extremely (Meilgaard et al.
On unstructured scales of 9 cm labeled on both ends, with descriptive terms in the left (lower anchor) and in the right (upper anchor), the assessors rated the intensity of each descriptor for each sample, using the following order: fresh peach smell (scales labeled low to high presence), yellow colour (light to dark), fresh appearance (unacceptable to excellent), fresh peach flavour (low to high presence), flesh firmness (soft to firm), juiciness (not juicy to very juicy), mealiness (not mealy to very mealy).
Funnel dogs incorporate the juiciness of a warm dog with the sweet taste of funnel cake lightly coated with powdered sugar.
Products prepared in the new ovenable bag boast higher juiciness and tenderness, plus a more homogeneous texture, than those using standard/traditional cooking.
ANOTHER Barossa gem with all the juiciness and backbone ideal for the big day is award winning Ben Glaetzer's shiraz and grenache blend Wallace.
BTW, Sunset recommends pairing this sandwich with a dry rose to match the tomatoes' juiciness and acidity.