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Into the unspeakable jumble in the roadway rode a squadron of cavalry.
There are thousands upon thousands of coxcombs and charlatans in the world, made up of just such a jumble of wornout, forgotten, and good-for-nothing trash as he was
But now he can only whisper, and what he whispers sounds like what it is--mere jumble and jargon.
Some travellers, who had got as far as Kazeh, or the great lakes, saw slaves that had been brought from this region; interrogated them concerning it, and, from their different narratives, made up a jumble of notions, and deduced systems from them.
I hoped I'd never have to sleep in this here geological garden another night and listen to all them lonesome noises that come out of that jumble after dark.
When my old grandmother sews such things together she calls it a crazy-quilt; but I never thought such a jumble could come to life.
It was all a jumble, but this jumble I shall not inflict upon you.
And what a jumble of Netties, Nellies, Hatties, and Sallies there is.
I can't tell why, only she seems so happy and busy, and sings so beautifully, and is strong enough to scrub and sweep, and hasn't any troubles to plague her," said Rose, making a funny jumble of reasons in her efforts to explain.
He had practised sophistries and quibbled instead of judging; he had criticised effects and done nothing for causes; his head was full of plans such as a political party lays upon the shoulders of a leader,--matters of private interest brought to an orator supposed to have a future, a jumble of schemes and impractical requests.
Behind him it stretched away in a mighty curve of many miles, losing itself in a fantastic jumble of mountains, snow-covered and silent.
Yet it is not perfect - it has indeed been called "a most pleasant jumble.