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Leave your parents to sort out 'jumble sale gate' on their own.
My mum used to run jumble sales in the 80s and after everyone had left there would be loads of really terrible clothes left that no-one wanted.
To help out Jemma and colleagues organised the food drive and free jumble sale day at the PPDG office on Queen Street.
"Local community members who came to the jumble sale were also very enthusiastic and the feedback received has been very positive with many already enquiring as to when they can expect another similar event," added Mandy.
Jumble sale: Last week's story and Frances Shand Kydd
FRESH EXHIBIT: Neath Museum manager Rob Merrill with the Victorian autograph quilt rescued from a jumble sale more than 20 years ago Picture: Trevor Waters
39154855 Highburton First School pupils raised PS146 for famine victims in Africa with a jumble sale they staged in school.
Jumble sale prices are typically kept low to encourage people to buy.
Visit to a Jumble Sale I visited a jumble sale just the other day, My goodness what a time I had, it really was a fight.
Next, all that daft ugly art you couldn''t give away with cash at a jumble sale.
A pounds 1000 digital piano on loan to a village hall was accidentally sold at a Scout jumble sale for just pounds 270.
Daisy Green Events was founded in Gateshead and the company, now based on the Team Valley, was keen to hold its first jumble sale on Saturday February 19 at St Joseph's Church Hall, High Street West, Gateshead.