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Sue Scott, chairwoman of Women Into Single Housing, was pictured receiving the money from the jumble sale organisers (from left) Rosalind and Robert Adam, Jenna and Daniel Cliffe, Kate Adam, Leah Cliffe and Danielle Turner.
FRESH EXHIBIT: Neath Museum manager Rob Merrill with the Victorian autograph quilt rescued from a jumble sale more than 20 years ago Picture: Trevor Waters
Jumble sale prices are typically kept low to encourage people to buy.
Because otherwise it means that I could have made my fortune selling off the jumble sale cast offs.
She has secured donations, including one from the Cuckoo's Nest charity shop at Marsden, and has been given a free sign to advertise her jumble sale by A1 signs.
Daisy Green Events was founded in Gateshead and the company, now based on the Team Valley, was keen to hold its first jumble sale on Saturday February 19 at St Joseph's Church Hall, High Street West, Gateshead.
It differs from a traditional jumble sale in that people pay 50p to get in and then fill their plastic bag with as many items as they like and pay a flat fee of pounds 3 as they leave.
The gigantic jumble sale of designer items held at a store in London's trendy New Bond Street opened to the public at midday.
A chruch jumble sale has been cancelled after a devil of a row over a licence.
In these hard times the jumble sale has a place to be reintroduced, producing revenue for school halls and church buildings that hold a regular jumble sale.
Visit to a Jumble Sale I visited a jumble sale just the other day, My goodness what a time I had, it really was a fight.
Ryan settled on holding a jumble sale near his home in Kenton, Newcastle, and was soon knocking on neighbours' doors to ask them for help.