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Brown said: "I don't want to jump the gun as we've all still got a long way to go but if George continues in the form he's in, the fans will make sure he gets a new contract, it's as simple as that.
By and large we live in a caring and responsible society, but faced with those figures I suspect a great many perfectly healthy people - especially those with children - will jump the gun to get a supply of the drug 'just in case.
How the article is worded seems mean spirited and a bit hateful to jump the gun or in this case to jump the string to tell readers to bad mouth a bow manufacturers string without first giving them an opportunity to make it right or addressing it in a more direct manner.
Neil Willis, of Cramlington, wrote: "To jump the gun means to start something before the proper time, the origin of this phrase appears to relate to athletes starting a race before the starting gun has gone off.